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oilinv.com is a completely dynamic, very simple but strong investment platform. You can start your own profitable investment in just minutes. its an online investment system where you can deposit spend, and withdraw money.
The profit of our investment projects comes from the resources of oil and petrochemicals and related industries.
To become a member you need to register. After that, choose the investment plans you like and follow the instructions to transfer money.
Yes, the amount of the contributions is unlimited. You can make contributions to various plans.
No, payments are made through the same payment system, to which the initial deposit was made.
In your account, there will be added money available for withdrawal. Order them for withdrawal and they will go into your wallet.
No, one purse can be used with just one account.
No, You should have an active investment at least. We have developed a referral program. You will receive a good bonus on deposits from members you invited to the project. To do this, they must enroll in your account. Your referral link will be available in the Personal Area after registration.
Write us with the help of the form of "Support"

We developed our investment strategy with a long-term view in mind. It is structured to be resilient in the face of market and economic conditions.

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